Welcome to the Friday Night Blade Affair Custom Knife Invitational! Unlike any other knife show in the world, this event will take place with a unique format that will benefit both the collectors and makers.

Upon arrival to the show, you will have your pre-purchased badge ready at the registration desk. If you choose to purchase your ticket at the door, a designated representative can help you at the registration desk as well.

Once you receive your attendee badge, you will notice a number on the back of it. This is your unique lottery entry number. Your number will automatically enter you into all the knives that will be available at the show via lottery. This will give attendees a greater amount of time to enjoy the interactions with the makers and the opportunity to view and admire their creations.

If your number is drawn, then you will be granted the opportunity to purchase the knife. THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO PURCHASE ANY KNIFE AT THE SHOW. Each knife will have five numbers drawn, from 1st place to 5th place. The schedule below will show you the timeline of when each place will be allowed to purchase that particular knife.

Along with the sixteen makers, there will be a dedicated table in the ballroom that will be conducting the lottery drawings via random.org. This is a completely transparent and randomized process. Five unique lottery entry numbers for every knife in the room will be drawn (1st to 5th place) and written on a card that will be placed in a sealed envelope. The basket of sealed envelopes will then be distributed around the room to all the makers. Each maker will select a sealed envelope from the basket and place it in front of every lottery knife on their table. Once all the envelopes are distributed to all the knives in the room, an announcement will be made to open the envelopes showing the winners.

Representatives of the show will be in place around the room confirming that the attendee purchasing the knife is in fact the correct person purchasing the correct knife, at the correct time, from the correct maker.

After the lotteries have concluded, it’s on to the open-bid (bid up) auction knives! These knives will be available for viewing/bidding at the maker’s tables at the opening of the show, with the conclusion of each makers open-bid auction knife (or knives) ending at a dedicated auction time. With a dedicated auction time, attendees will have the benefit of dedicating their attention to each individual maker’s auction. Auction end times will be on display on every maker’s table.

Five-minute anti-snipe rules apply.

Once all the open bid auctions are completed, the final opportunity to acquire a knife from one of the makers will be via closed bid (blind) auction. Bids for these knives can be submitted on the makers table throughout the show. Once the announcement is made that the closed bid entry auction is closed, each maker goes through their closed bids and announces the winner.

Along with all the show festivities, complimentary food options will be available, along with a complimentary drink coupon for all attendees.


Details Coming Soon.

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